As a parent of a 12 year old beginning flute player, I was amazed at how much my daughter learned even after just a few lessons with Dr. Kallie Snyder. Kallie always taught the correct technique. She is patient, encouraging, and inspiring. My daughter’s confidence was built with each lesson. She has developed a love for playing the flute. Dr. Kallie Snyder is an extraordinary flute instructor. Every lesson is well worth the investment!
— Tonya Robinson

My Teaching Philosophy

The reason that I am a music teacher today is because I had such a phenomenal flute teacher in high school that believed in me, encouraged me, and, with time and after much resistance on my part, taught me to believe in myself.

The offerings of a musical education are aplenty.  Regular meetings with a teacher instill accountability.  Practicing at home requires discipline, organization, time management, and self-reflection.  Facing challenges on the instrument requires perseverance and grit, and overcoming those challenges fosters confidence and self-esteem.  And learning new genres of music and experimenting with improvisation promotes flexibility and creativity.

It is my goal with each student to establish a solid foundation for their flute playing which includes healthy posture and hand position, efficient breathing, a beautiful tone, articulation, finger technique, and musicality - and to do so with ease and efficiency versus tension and "overworking."

I approach each student differently based on his/her personality and interests and learning styles. My middle school and high school students have made All-State and All-District Bands and earned Distinguished ratings at their Solo and Ensemble Festivals.  I've also helped adult amateurs discover, or in some cases "rediscover," the flute and gain the confidence to perform publicly.  Whatever your musical goals are, I'd love to help.  

Now accepting new students in the Lexington, KY area!  Please contact me with any questions!

Kallie would always work with me to accommodate my individual needs as a student, while still holding me accountable to achieve my potential. Her clear yet creative communication abilities make her an excellent teacher, and I’m grateful to have benefited from her guidance and expertise through the challenges I faced in college. Kallie’s enthusiasm for teaching flute helped me keep sight of and nurture my own passion for music education.
— Sarah D.
Performing a duet with a first year student at Target!

Performing a duet with a first year student at Target!