My Top 3 Benefits of Recorder Playing

1.  Builds fine motor skills and creates neural pathways!  Blowing, moving the fingers, and reading musical notation is a cross-brain activity. Click Here for a great infographic on music and brain development. 

2.  Small investment.  You can get a quality plastic recorder for $9.  It's durable, portable, light, and practically indestructible! The recorder is a great tool for determining your child's interest and aptitude for wind playing BEFORE purchasing or renting a wind instrument in 5th or 6th grade.

3.  Stepping stone for woodwind playing.  When playing the recorder, the left hand is on top, and the right hand is on the bottom - just like the flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, and bassoon.  In fact, many of the fingerings on the recorder are very similar if not exactly the same as these other woodwind instruments!  Children who learn recorder have an advantage if they decide to transition to one of these woodwind instruments - they've already learned how to read music, manage their breathing/blowing, and they've built up finger dexterity that makes picking up a flute or saxophone a much easier process.